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Beppe is availabe for professional Worldwide
assignments in the following areas of the fashion industry:
catalogs, editorials, lifestyle, advertising.

Beppe Buttinoni

photographer based in Milan, Italy, focusing on fashion and fine art nude photography.

Buttinoni grew up in Milan. He graduated from IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) located in Milan with a concentration in Fashion Photography. After graduation, he continued to develop his own photographic practice independently. Furthermore, he participated in numerous photography workshops and attended specialized art schools and lessons. Through his self-development endeavors, he had the opportunity to meet and learn under internationally renowned photographers from Italy and abroad.

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

For the course of his career, Beppe Buttinoni works as a commercial photographer and produces images for the fashion industry. He creates the images used for advertising, catalogs, and editorials—an endeavor he continues to this day. During his free time, he organizes personal sessions to enrich his own art portfolio. Additionally, he developed a simple and clean technique converting his images into fine art prints. He uses various Canon cameras and lenses to produce his images. Through his own creative projects, he started capturing the beauty of the female nude form in emotive and fashion influenced images.

The images of Beppe Buttinoni focus on the shapes and curves naturally found in the human body and created by sensual poses. Furthermore, he specifically highlights the form and light present in the settings he has his photo shoots in and the models. His use of deeply contrasting light and shadows further enhance the sensuality and serenity found in his images. His work finds inspiration from great fashion photographers such as the American photographer and director Herbert “Herb” Ritts. Additionally, the architecture he encounters in his travels and fashion powerhouses such as Dior also influence his images.


Fashion Photography

In the vibrant, ever-evolving world of fashion, capturing the essence of a clothing line goes beyond mere photographs. It's about encapsulating style, spirit, and substance in


Editorial Photography

In the vast world of photography, Editorial Photography stands out as a compelling medium that intertwines with the written word, often seen in esteemed magazines and newspapers. It's more than just a picture.


Advertising Photography

Welcome to the world of Advertising Photography – where every shot is meticulously conceptualized and executed to accentuate the core essence of a product or service.


Some of the Beppe Buttinoni’s photographic accomplishments include having his work exhibited in various group exhibitions throughout Europe. Furthermore, his images published on the covers and in renowned international print and digital publications. Some examples include Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Fotografare, Los Angeles SWIM Magazine (LASM), Unveiled Bride Couture, 10TEN Magazine, The Fashionisto, and MADE O5 Magazine. Additionally, his fashion and nude images earned recognition in a variety of photography competitions. Among them include the One Eyeland Photography Awards in 2014, where he was a finalist with five of his nude photographs submitted. Most notably, he received a bronze award at the Third Annual Award Show and a silver award at the Fourth Annual Pcom Creative Awards.

Creative Solutions

Unique shots for your brand. I implement the most daring ideas at the highest level


Selected by Beppe Buttinoni

beautiful women in amazing locations

My first book made during my travels for photo shoots around the world with amazing models


Beppe articles and interviews for famous magazines.

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Photo Professional

Fotografare Ott 2016

Fotografare May 2017


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